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Try the Water Magnetiser risk free with our 365 day money back guarantee
Try the Water Magnetiser risk free with our 365 day money back guarantee
  • Stronger plants, more abundant flowers
  • Healthier, higher yield fruit & vegetables
  • Create a vibrant looking garden 
  • Easy to fit - no tools required
  • Ideal for organic gardening & allotments
  • Eco friendly, lasts a lifetime
  • Try Plantsurge for a whole gardening year with our iron clad risk free 365-day full money back guarantee.

Plant Trials Expert Chris Wiley from
Sow Successful Ltd

Showcasing the benefits of magnetic water

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‘’I’ve gone off in a new direction on watering in recent days, I’m trying out a Plantsurge that clips on to the hose or water pipe. I’m fascinated that my plants might be able to absorb water more efficiently.’’ 

Val Bourne, Journalist, Amateur Gardening Magazine

"The Plantsurge has made our viola plants flower one week faster than using tap water, and the flowers are getting to size quicker. This offers amazing benefits to my business!"

Ben Wild, Owner Wild Greens Farm, Brackenholm, North Yorkshire

‘‘I have been using the Plantsurge on my potted plants, seedlings and  tomatoes for eight weeks and the foliage has gone mad, it’s working a charm’’. 

Garden blogger Joe Harrison from Suffolk
Invigorate Your Garden with bountiful flowering plants and award-winning fruits and vegetables
Ever notice how plants look healthier and more vibrant after a thunderstorm? If so, you've observed a phenomenon that has long intrigued gardeners and horticulturists. According to leading botanist Andrew Goldsworthy, former researcher at London's Imperial College, thundershowers are more beneficial to plants than an equivalent amount of water from the sprinkler because electric currents create a magnetising effect on rainwater from thunderclouds.
Though we can’t create a real thunderstorm, thanks to the Ecocamel Plantsurge, we CAN create a similar effect as the thunderstorm rainfall to help you grow stronger abundant flowering plants and healthier fruits and vegetables. Yes, you can energise your water with a simple, ingenious little appliance that will last forever and is so easy to fit - it takes as little as 15 seconds to clip on to metal cold water pipe or plastic garden hose.

What t

Leading botanist says, with right soil conditions, magnetic fields can increase growth in plants by up to 70 percent
just imagine this effect in your garden, your Plantsurge will be the talk of the town and family and friends will love your vibrant looking garden!

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What’s the Science Behind Plantsurge?
According to science, powerful magnetic energy fields can affect the bonding angle between the hydrogen and the oxygen atom in the water molecule, this causes the water molecules to cluster together in small groups, which scientists claim could increase hydration into the root system as well as improving the plants nutrient levels. 
This may explain why Plantsurge causes some plants to flower so profusely with bigger longer-lasting blooms, grow stronger foliage and look more vibrant. But to be honest, even the world’s leading scientists with over 100 years of research can’t explain just how magnetised water really works. We know from testimonies and plant trials that Plantsurge gives benefits to plants, but we can’t take this for granted which is why we are giving you a 365 four seasons full money back refund if you are not happy. 
Plant trials prove plants flower more abundantly and bloom longer using Plantsurge
Ben Wild, owner of Wild Greens Farm, whose company grows micro greens and edible flowers was astounded five weeks after clipping a Plantsurge to his water pipes to see his viola plants flowering 7 days faster than plants watered with standard tap water. He also noticed the Plantsurge watered violas produced larger petals. To test and validate these field observations we funded product comparison plant trials using independent testing company Sow Successful in Suffolk.
Results were remarkable, the plant trials validated exactly what Ben Wild observed - viola plants tested using Plantsurge produced more flowers with larger blooms than those using tap water. The results of product comparison plant testing is available from
Plantsurge offers clog free irrigation for sprinklers and ponds   
The Ecocamel Plantsurge uses the identical magnetic technology shown to prevent limescale build up in hard water areas. This healthier, scale-free water supply means clog-free operation for drip irrigation systems, garden ponds and water features. And, of course, Plantsurge creates a much healthier environment for your fish and aquatic plants, too. Lime free water is really beneficial for those who grow camelias, hydrangeas or fruits like blueberries. Plantsurge offer a perfect solution for organic gardening too, as no chemicals are added to your soil or plant life. It is proving hugely popular with allotment owners and stay-at-home gardeners alike.

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Fitting Instructions
Plantsurge is so easy to fit, it can be clipped on to a 15 mm metal water pipe or plastic garden hose in under 15 seconds. There are no pipes to cut, no electrical mains supply required, no corrosive salts are added to the water system and there are no running costs or maintenance required. We also supply a 20 mm unit for larger piping.

Where to fit Plantsurge?
The ideal place to fit Plantsurge is clip it on to a cold water 15mm pipe. If you want to water indoor plants, clip it on to the cold-water pipe under your kitchen sink. For outdoor watering clip to pipe on the outside cold-water tap. Many gardeners also clip the Plantsurge to a plastic garden hose. Once water is energised from Plantsurge it will stay magnetised for up to 100 hours, which means you can use in watering cans or containers without losing benefits. Gardeners are taking advantage of our super savings to buy two or more Plantsurge units.

How do I fit Plantsurge?
In order to fit Plantsurge you must first separate the two halves, as the magnets have a high gauss strength please be careful that you don’t pinch your fingers between the two attracting halves. Garden gloves are useful to wear when fitting. The best way to fit Plantsurge is to TWIST the top part - this then allows you to SLIDE and SEPARATE the two parts away from each other more easily. You can then join the two parts together with your hose pipe or water pipe enclosed between them.

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2. Slide
3. Separate
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Warning: Do not handle the magnets if you are on a heart pacemaker or similar as the magnets are very powerful. If you wear a quartz watch or have credit cards nearby, remove them before handling the magnets as the magnets will stop your watch and wipe your cards clean.
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